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Gaming consoles in shops: Men love shopping, don’t get me wrong but we hate tagging along with others. Cars need to think of this and create a separate space for women to stow away their kit.These are but a few points to highlight the gross error that is society and it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. I can do a triathlon in a respectable cut-off but to stand in one place holding a few bags is a bigger test of strength and patience.Discrimination is an ugly word. Let me share some examples. Strategically placed seating could resolve this. It gets murkier as we go deeper. Solution: install a few Nintendo on the walls outside changing rooms, not only won’t we know where the time went, we shall actively encourage you to try more outfits. Human lives are a complex algorithm of interconnected relationships and exchanges; discrimination makes daily existence mostly uncomfortable for the victim party but awkward for both sides.Most common discriminations are experienced by the differentlyabled or the financially less fortunate, when the entry to a mall doesn’t accommodate as many accessible lifts or certain restaurants control entry based on client appearances man’s space is his personal Batcave; it’s rather putting off to open your secret stash safe and find a random lipstick there.

It creeps into our lives in the tiniest ways possible so much so that often we don’t even think of it as discrimination but just a minor inconvenience. I don’t mind carrying the bags but please provide me a place to perch while the shopping continues. It’s as if the sanctity of the space has been compromised.The writer is a lover of wine, song and everything fine. Time we smartened up. Currently malls are clearly not a male-friendly place.Chairs in malls: The person who puts in ample seating in the public areas of a mall will be blessed by many. In fact, why not just build cars for men and women separately depending on who the driver is going to be? Bicycles do it already.Well, we wholesale Travel Vacuum Bag men also have certain issues that could use a clearing up, nothing major or massive but changes nevertheless that could make it easier for us to live with the womenfolk. Discrimination is also faced by women, at the workplace and out in the field, when they are overlooked for certain positions or sports. Men may want cars with unreasonably loud music systems whereas women may enjoy a massive middle finger backlight to shoo away the random sleazy types. It’s an ugly creature and if not identified and killed early on, it spreads like a silent virus. Where’s the men’s section with the coloured trousers and the polka-dotted shirts? Why should one be expected to only wear drab pastel socks all days of the week? Who decided that a handkerchief for men must be white; considering just how easily we get our stuff soiled, wouldn’t a colour pattern make more sense? And yes most men can wear coloured underwear without feeling shy on the inside. We don’t mind being asked our opinion but it’s highly boring to wait through twenty dress changes. We demand to be treated equally, and respectfully.Clothes: To assume that men abhor colours or are particularly averse to fashion is largely incorrect.

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The spacewalkers are scheduled

The Turakhias indulge in adventure sports that help them see through the limits and beyond. “Within the first few months, we were hosting the who’s-who of the Indian market — Nasscom, Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Congress Party, et al.The brothers created the first three games as part of a school project and soon became very popular among kids.online, .They started holding after-school sessions to teach advanced GWBasic to other students and teachers.net in 2010. I left them at wit’s end with my impeccable pronunciation

Williams has made seven spacewalks totalling Hanging vacuum bag 50 hours and 40 minutes, and hold the records for most spacewalks by a woman and most spacewalk time for a woman.5 hours of station maintenance work.NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson is set to break Indian-American Sunita Williams spacewalking record, as she prepares for her eight spacewalk aboard theInternational Space Station (ISS) today.Expedition 50 Flight Engineer Whitsons last spacewalk was on January 6 with Commander Shane Kimbrough when she hooked up new lithium-ion batteries and inspected the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer.

The spacewalkers are scheduled to exit the Quest airlock today at 5:30 PM IST for 6.Whitson and Kimbrough will finish cable connections at the Pressurised Mating Adapter-3 just recently attached to the Harmony modules space-facing port.European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who conducted last weeks spacewalk with Kimbrough, will assist the duo in and out of their spacesuits and monitor the activities from inside the station.The PMA-3 relocation gets the ISS ready for the new International Docking Adapter-3 set to be delivered on a future SpaceX Dragon cargo mission.

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The Kwid is now one

Highlights include swept-back headlamps and a narrow front with Datsun’s signature grille and a muscular bonnet. Gear shifts are light and so is the clutch, making it ideal for the first-time buyer who is moving up from a motorcycle or a scooter. Expected to be priced between Rs 2. The steering needs more weight and feel at higher speeds and while the engine is at home at low to medium speeds, highway overtakes will need planning.In terms of safety you do get a driver-side airbag on the top-of-the-line-variant.Can it be Dasun’s saving grace in India Well, that’s for you to decide. It makes 54PS of power at 5678rpm and 72Nm of torque at 4386rpm. You sit tall, and the seats aren’t adjustable.17 kmpl and, while the redi-GO may not be fast or exciting, it is an easy car to drive.

After suffering a rather unwelcoming response from the Indian diaspora with its previous two offerings – GO hatchback and GO+ compact MPV, Datsun is aspiring to be third-time lucky with the redi-GO small car. Both cars are based BAG/VACUUM COMPRESSED BAG Manufacturers on Renault-Nissan’s CMF-A platform and, like the Kwid, 98 per cent of the redi-GO’s parts have been locally sourced. As expected, this engine has been designed to offer good fuel-efficiency and adequate city usability, rather than outright performance.The Kwid is now one of India’s highest selling cars, and that gets us questioning whether the redi-GO can match up to the standards set by the former, or even surpass them Let’s find out!LooksThe redi-GO stands tall like a hatchback and doesn’t squat like the Renault Kwid’s SUV stanceThe Datsun also looks very similar to the concept car that was presented at the 2014 Delhi Auto ExpoIt is a quirky design and looks different when compared to the other budget hatchbacks available in the market.Source: CarDekho. The matte silver skid plates (added extra) along with various other customization options like a spoiler, door visors, roof rails, wheel trims are all offered with the redi-GO. ABS, as expected, is absent. Surprisingly though, alloy wheels elude the car.

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Expressing hope that entry of

Taking a dig at critics of digital economy, Jaitley said this will provide adequate response to ill-informed criticism that digital space would only be occupied by credit card revolution."If you can have the post offices, I think which is the next revolution waiting to happen, that these 1.. With JAM (Jan-Dhan, Aadhaar and Mobile) and increased digitisation, banking costs are going to be minimal in the country, he added. In fact, one of the great advantages of what has been going on is Indias move towards less cash economy," he said..75 lakh post offices which are underutilised . are also planning to evolve into a bank themselves," he said.this expansion is going to take place much faster than any commentators anticipated and the reasons are very obvious," he said after launching Airtel Payments Bank here. Expressing hope that entry of more telecom players in the banking space will help push financial inclusion, he said entry of post offices would add a new dimension.

As more and more telecom companies HOT SALE VACUUM BAG enter the fray, he said, "I think we will hopefully see competition not only amongst telecom companies which we read a lot about these days but we will probably see competition between conventional and the new mode of banking that you are going to introduce.In an apparent reference to criticism of demonetisation by opposition parties, Jaitley also said there would have been complaints even before cash or currency was invented and even if it gets eliminated tomorrow..Expressing satisfaction that digitisation is expanding at a much faster space than anticipated, Jaitley said transformation of post offices into a bank will be the next revolution.."People do realise that paper currency and excessive use of paper currency is to the larger detriment of any society.He also noted that the new generation in India take to emerging technologies and techniques quite easily."When volumes are going to increase, service charges are going to be minimal because the fixed cost remains the same, he said."In the context of demonetisation, the obvious attempt was that the extent of the paper currency must be replaced by digitised economy..New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today said excessive use of paper currency is detrimental to society and hoped banking transaction charges will fall with the entry of new players.

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The best camps are ones

“I wanted the artists to interact and share the nuances of their work with fellow artists — which is why we had decided to divide the camp into sessions and that module worked very well.A few of my fellow artists have just returned from an art camp at Mukteshwar in the mountains of Uttarakhand organised by the Gallery Pioneer. There was also the opportunity to experience local culture and cuisine. While performance tours are usually high-strung zones with a lot performance anxiety, art camps are the exact opposite.Among the artists whose company I missed by not attending the camp included some of my favourite painters Shridhar Iyer, Vilas Kulkarni, Anita Kulkarni, Annu Naik, Niladri Paul, Shampa Das, Jagdish Dey, Kishore Roy among others. They are usually chill zones even if artists are working seriously. The other nice camps are where one can commune with nature and unwind, to go back renewed to create anew. The best camps are ones that ensure that artists get to see the museums and art galleries of the area and have a small part of the day dedicated to sharing videos of their works and talking about it.

Watching artists commune with their creative impulse and its manifestation, be it dance, music or painting, is like entering a sacred space where few are invited in and when you do get lucky to get invited there is usually a serious reason to be in that space.Personally, I find the most fascinating way to get to know artists or artistes is at an art camp or a performance tour. As it is creating art is a lonely profession and proposition and China Hanging vacuum storage bag when one can be in a chill zone with like-minded people, nothing can be better for the parched soul — as it is, artists can get along with few people thanks to their quirks. It is interesting how they are invariably different people and are capable of far more chilled out behavior during a camp. Praveen Upadhyaye, director of the gallery is himself a painter and understands the dynamics of the camps very well and the camp was organised accordingly.

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It functions as a single point

It handholds start-ups to create their business plans, finds out their legal requirements, help them with compliance and registration," she said, adding that it has signed up 200 clients so far. "This branch is not giving actual funding. "It is not only the fintechs that are coming into banking, but banking can also benefit from fintech. Bhattacharya said the bank has also formed a mentoring team to assist start-ups. The team may have one or more external technical experts.cross-linkages and source of funds, among others... The team will facilitate and guide business, extending help in various areas including additional funding requirement, she said, adding that it will also give external China Vacuum bags Manufacturers legal and financial assistance as and when required. There may be one or two areas where they can give us competition, but overall, there could be several areas where they can help cross-sell banks' products," she added.. It will support, monitor and make a report on the progress and the utilisation of the funds by the venture.

The 'IT Innovation Start-up Fund' will have corpus of Rs 200 crore, she said. The announcement comes against the backdrop of a greater thrust from the Centre on developing the start-up ecosystem. In order to fund start-ups in the financial technology (fintech) space, country's largest lender SBI has set up a Rs 200 crore fund. "This fund shall consider assistance of up to Rs 3 crore to an Indian registered company for promoting their business innovations using IT in India for banking and related technology," SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya said at a CII event here today. It functions as a single point of contact for the start-up account holders for their various banking and financial advisory related requirements.The announcement comes against the backdrop of a greater thrust from the Centre on developing the start-up ecosystem.. She further said with the growing significance and interactions of fintech in the financial services space, there needs to be in place a suitable regulatory framework to address the associated risks, like technology risks, cyber- security risk, data-theft risk. Bhattacharya said the bank has opened a start-up branch called InCube in Bengaluru in January. Bhattacharya said the bank is looking at cross-selling through collaboration with the fintech companies as it provides a great opportunity. With digital technology making greater in-roads into banking, majority of financial institutions have upped their engagement to spot startups in the fintech space.

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If you are looking to open

Armed with his mother’s recipes, he debuted at the Tapped Craft Beer Festival in November 2014, and wholesale Travel Vacuum Bag there has been no looking back ever since. She says, “The best thing about flea fests is that it helps home chefs gain popularity solely on the basis of their culinary skills. “If you are someone who is new to the food space, the kind of feedback that you are going to receive is very important. If you are just starting out, go for small, food focussed flea fests so that you get in touch with your audience. But when Alankar Jain and Priyanka Punjabi gave the stall a go, we were confident about our offerings. Plus this exercise helps in getting some coverage for the brand. “Three days prior to my first event, I didn’t even have an idea about what my brand was going to be called! We didn’t even have a tasting session. He says, “The only experience I have as a chef has been at these flea markets and pop-ups. In the past two years, he has been a regular at The Lil Fea, Celebrate Bandra and Tapped Craft Beer Fest. I had no plans as to how to go about it.

Rohan tells us that Pac-a-Pav was more of a chance happening.” Since then, Rohan has taken his food to India Bike Week and even the Pune Farmer’s Market. If you are looking to open a restaurant, this gives you a reality check on how things work.”Rohan is the founder of Pac-a-Pav. After receiving encouraging response from her friends and family, she finally decided to explore her culinary talent at a flea fest. She says, “The flea fests which are big on scale could mean that your brand is lost in the crowd.” Her hotdogs, Amar — vegetarian sausages, Akbar — chicken hot dogs and Anthony — pork sausages, were a hit. She says, “The business idea was staring at us in the face all along! With the response, it was always going to be the next step for us. Her love for hosting friends and family for dinner and the lack of decent hot dog options in the city got her to start Desi Dogs at The Lil Flea. In fact, he believes it was his ‘dissatisfaction’ with his previous job that prompted him to try his hand at cooking. This gave me the chance to experiment with baking since I had no professional experience. Soon, Desi Dogs was seen across every pop-up and flea market across the city.”Smita is the co-founder of Flour Butter Sugar.

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While Activision is bound

Backlot and Crossfire will receive an overhaul GOOD QUALITY VACUUM SEAL STORAGE BAGS The Infinite Warfare is all set to enthral fans with its modes and wars. This will be the first game in the series that is not available on the previous generation of consoles.As a special bonus, anyone who purchases the Legacy or Deluxe editions of the game will receive the remastered of the version of the game that put this franchise on the map — Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While Activision is bound to release it as a standalone title later on, as of now players will only be able to play it with the Legacy or Deluxe editions of Infinite Warfare. As always, they will be showing an extensive gameplay demo at E3 in June. Titled Infinite Warfare, the game is set even further into the future than previous entries by taking place on both Earth and in Space.

Along with vibrant current generation visuals, improved texture resolution, dynamic lighting, revamped animations and sound; players will be able to experience the genre defining multiplayer mode. The popular Zombies mode will also be a part of the game however Infinity Ward are developing it from the ground up with their take on the popular mode.Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 4, 2016.The Infinite Warfare is all set to enthral fans with its modes and wars. It’s worth noting that that there is no mention of Modern Warfare remastered being available separately. Ten fan-favourite maps including Crash, Backlot and Crossfire will receive a complete overhaul for this version of the game.

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They want to eliminate

A promise of money will be made to keep developing countries happy. An agreement is absolutely necessary to keep the planet’s temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius for the rest of this century. The World Bank Group has worked with these countries to develop the initiative, called the Transformative Carbon Asset Facility.65. They have made no firm commitment on finance or technology to the developing countries. During the first week of the conference, rumours have abounded of a pincer movement, spearheaded by the US, to trap India and hold it responsible for all failures at Paris. They will, therefore, continue at every step to propose changes in the convention, just to attract opposition from India. They also want that the temperature increase should be limited to 1. Also, 11 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom and the US, have pledged close to $250 million in new money for adaptation support to the most vulnerable countries on the planet, into a fund called the Least Developed Countries Fund.The fifth assessment report of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC has clearly put out the number on the amount of carbon dioxide the world can emit while maintaining the safety threshold of a temperature increase of less than 2 degrees Celsius since the pre-industrial era.

Either Cube vacuum space bag it can get sucked into this whirlpool of what increasingly looks like a well-laid out plan, or it can propound a counter-narrative that will turn the tables on developed countries. Developed countries know that India is wedded to the 1992 climate convention and will oppose any major deviation from its principles.Now, India has two choices.The western media is also using the projected rise of coal consumption in India to paint it as a climate villain. This will then be hyped up as a ‘unilaterally polarising’ attitude that has bogged the negotiations down.Behind the money smokescreen, however, the developed countries are essentially seeking to rewrite the convention. They want to eliminate differentiation between developed and developing countries and marginalize the principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities’ CBDR and equity – which says that those nations that got rich by spewing the most carbon into the atmosphere must do more to help mitigate climate change than the ones who don’t spew the most carbon -- replacing it with the concept of ‘self-differentiation’—as President Obama put it in his Leaders’ Plenary speech: ‘Targets that are set not for each of us, but by each of us’ emphasis added.At the climate conference in Paris, the atmosphere is full of rumour and intrigue.The climate conference must ensure that this “development space” is made available to developing countries. India, however, should strongly reflect the views of the poor in all the developing countries who are bearing the brunt of climate change. Then, in the last few days – the conference ends on December 11 -- the US and China will come together and foist a deal with the support of the French and other European countries.

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Attempts to belittle Pandit

However, its attempts to become a pan-India party has alerted the Congress and the regional parties.This is a message to all the regional parties who are trying to create or maintain political space against the BJP and the Congress in their respective states. This is because the RSS, the mother organisation of the BJP and the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, which had stayed away from the freedom movement are now identifying such personalities as a weapon against the Congress and thereby making itself relevant in the states where they have been weak.The BJP and the Sangh Parivar are trying to hijack Dr B..R.Besides, these attempts could be counterproductive for the saffron party in Uttar Pradesh if it targets Nehru, directly or indirectly, in the coming state HOT SALE VACUUM BAG Factory Assembly polls as the SP, BSP and the Congress could use it against the BJP.It also wanted to make inroads among dalits through the BSP leaders Kanshi Ram and Mayawati but they did not allow to be used. They had ditched the Shiv Sena, there oldest ideological ally, ahead of the Maharashtra Assembly polls in 2014 and made the JDU its target in Bihar despite having a long association with it.

Attempts to belittle Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru by hijacking Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel could revive the Congress fighting spirit just as the campaign against Lalu Prasad Yad Attempts to belittle Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru by hijacking Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel could revive the Congress fighting spirit just as the campaign against Lalu Prasad Yadav consolidated Yadavs against the BJP in the Bihar Assembly polls. And now, they are playing the Netaji card against its former ally, the Trinamul Congress, in the upcoming West Bengal Assembly elections. According to Congress insiders, the BJP and the Sangh Parivar, which had never been comfortable with the philosophy and personality of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, are obliquely creating a wedge between Nehru and rest of the icons in the freedom struggle to gain political space. Ambedkar but could not succeed so far because his anti Hindutva philosophy and programmes.The BJP had tried to use the image of Biju Patnaik by allying with the BJD in Orissa, used Devi Lal to get space in Haryana, spread in Maharashtra with the help of Bal Thackeray and created a goodwill among the Jats in Uttar Pradesh through Charan Singh in the Janata regime.

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